Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved To Me There's Life

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In the book The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death written by Annie Kagan, she shares her experience after death talking with her brother Billy. In the book, Kagan writes, “When you realize that other dimensions exist, you will never think of life, death, yourself, or the universe in the same way again.” From the day we were born until this day, there will always be questions and sometimes questions that will be kept unanswered. There is always a curiosity in every living being, it is just in our common nature. When given answers, they often do not make sense or do not have a solid explanation as to why it may be right or wrong. With a number of interactions we have with others on a daily…show more content…
All the books and assignments we were given had nothing else but the information in the Bible. So growing up, I thought there was only Heaven and Hell. It was not until I transferred out of Catholic school and into a public school that I realized, there was more than one way of going after death. When kids are told any type of information, they think it is correct. Children do not realize or understand that there is more than one view on topics so when they hear another view, they comment saying that is not right and say what they were told. It is not until children grow up that they realize there are other answers to questions. We grow up believing different types of the afterlife because it is something everyone does. Even if there is no explanation or solid evidence, to keep on living, people need something to keep themselves from giving up in life if they know for sure that there is nothing for them after. Why keep living when you are going to end up being forgotten and putting everything you did be done for nothing? Believing in an afterlife or at least having an explanation in human minds about what will happen after life is needed for our cognitive thoughts to allow us to keep moving on with our

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