Billy Joe Brown Research Paper

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It’s scary how fear can take the place of everything else in someone’s mind, even a person’s sense of judgement. Fear changed the life of a former SEAL trainee. Dustin Turner, (also known as Dusty) and Billy Joe Brown were accused and convicted of murdering Jennifer Evans in Virginia on June 19, 1995 at a nightclub. Many people see this tragic night differently, but the truth is, only those three-people witnessed this and only two are alive to tell their stories. Sadly, two people aren’t always going to have one same situation. At first, Billy Joe Brown and Dusty both accused each other for murdering Jennifer— this obviously stirred up the truth until years later when Billy confessed to killing her all with his own intent, and that he had no…show more content…
Billy has a violent history and is even known for getting drunk until he can’t stand. Billy at age 17 was a high school dropout that had beat up his 14 year old wife in front of police officers while Turner was a multi-sport athlete with no criminal record before Jennifer Evans murder. This case lacks backbone and credibility! I know these are former SEAL trainee men and they should have known better, anyone should know better! But Dustin is a human being. Yes, he should’ve acted differently, although we don’t know what goes on in someone’s head when they see something so crazy happen so fast. How would it feel to see someone you are so close to kill someone you just met? I wouldn’t believe it or know what to do. As I’ve said before Dustin isn’t completely innocent but the charges he has aren’t accurate especially compared to Billy since he has less than Dustin even after admitting to being guilty of murder. After hearing the outcome for Dustin, I remain appalled. There are laws and ways things are handled, but I don’t understand how we could let things that aren’t right settle in. Dustin is partly innocent, he didn’t murder Jennifer Evans that night, he’s served time for unjust sentencing, and the man is at least a good person especially now after this has happened. Let justice win, free
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