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Billy Joel may have been right when he said “Vienna waits for you”, but the girl that the song reminds me of, she doesn’t wait for me. Granted, I don’t deserve her, and what I did to get her was wrong, but that doesn’t make the pain any less. Although I could write to you about the countless ways my family screwed me over, about the cold nights I spent in crack houses or the fights over custody of me that drew cop cars to our doors, I feel like this story is much more personal, and shows a side of me that many people never see. All I ask is that I am not judged for what I did; there are plenty people already that have made their judgements on my moral fiber, and I would hope that you don’t do, though if you do I can’t help it. I try my damndest as a human being to do what is right, but at the same time I was always raised to believe that the individual trumps all, being a big follower of Ayn Rand’s Virtue of Selfishness, and all that. So when the opportunity arose to pursue love, and to be with a crush of mine for a very long time, I weighed the good: My happiness, someone to cherish…show more content…
That and the fact that Snoopy had ran outside and was now barking his head off at me from underneath the trampoline. He ran in circles, in polygons, in dodecahedrons, he ran in every shape possible to get at me ( I wasn’t worried by him, he’s a tiny dog, smaller than Savannah, If you can believe that), and the entire time he ran he barked. That sound, and the music Savannah played are the most prominent noises I can recall from that day, but they sum it up pretty well. Anyways, Savannah eventually got tired of trampolining, and went inside to get watermelon, not a whole thing (that would be bigger than her, Okay I’m done with the small people jokes for good now, Sorry), but just a pack of cut up

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