Billy Lynn Long Halftime Walk Analysis

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Toward the end of Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain, the protagonist Billy Lynn grapples with the decision of going back to war in Iraq or going AWOL. The reasons that he wants to leave the army vary. His reasons for leaving range from wanting to stay with his girlfriend Faison to wanting to stay and help his family. His reasons for wanting to go back to war all revolve around the friendship and brotherhood between himself and his fellow squad members. Billy’s dilemma relates with a TED talk giving by Sebastian Junger, a journalist and a war veteran from 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team. He spent intensive time at Restrepo, which was an outpost in the Korengal Valley, in Afghanistan. In the TED talk, Junger explains the reason that veterans miss war. Junger goes to explain that the reason that veterans miss war times is because of the brotherhood and the bonds…show more content…
All of the Bravos, as well as Billy himself , display this brotherly bond between one another. The bond between the Bravos is shown when Albert tells Billy and Dime what he told Norm when Norm was thinking about only have Billy and Dime be in the movie. Dime says that he told Norm that, “It’s gotta be all the Bravos or no Bravos, nothing in between”(pg.209). Dime then goes on to say, “Damn straight,”(pg. 209). Dime’s agreement with Albert’s statement displays that it is valid and that the Bravos stick together no matter what. Even if one the Bravos were offered a large sum of money, they would never abandon their squad. Billy also displays his bond with the members of Bravo after Shroom’s death. The death of Shroom affected Billy greatly because he was not able to protect Shroom. Billy was not able to have Shroom’s back when he needed it the most. Because he had a deep connection with Shroom and trusted him greatly , it made his death so much more traumatic for
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