Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

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The reality of what life is like as an American soldier and an American citizen.
How different is a soldier from a civilian? In “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk” a novel written by Ben Fountain, portrays two different voices that clearly represent two different sides of the story. On one side, we have the main character named Billy Lynn, who depicts the perspectives of an American soldier and on the other side, we have Ben Fountain the author's voice which represents the American citizens. By the usage of two different of voices in the story the author manages to separate the similarities and differences of how life is like as an American soldier and an American citizen. And by doing so it gives a chance for the reader to have clear idea of
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“Life in the Army is miserable that way.”(Fountain,3). In this statement and by the tone on Billy’s voice it really shows the harsh reality of what he had to deal with in the army and how it's not easy compared to a citizen's life. Coming from the author’s voice “Billy finds himself constantly wondering about them. What are they thinking? What do they want? Do they know they’re alive?”(Fountain,22). This statement being made by the author on Billy’s point of view seems to show how questioning and doubtful he is serving for the American citizens. From the expressions Billy is showing it seems as if he was hesitant doing his services and being in the army. Other than Billy’s perspective as an American soldier being pointed out there is also the side of the American citizens where the author mentions their appreciation for their services. “ … , the raw wavering voices and frenzied speech patterns, the gibberish spilled from the mouths of seemingly well-adjusted citizens.” (Fountain,37). On the contrary of me being as one of the american citizen just like in the story it seems as if the chants, the voices, and the speeches being said by the citizens shows how me and them are just alike and is grateful and thankful for those people who risk their lives each and everyday fighting for their/our country. Besides the compensations of great appreciation from the
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