Billy Piilgrim: Death And The Consequences Of Death

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“I did not ask for the things that I’ve been through and I certainly did not ask my mind to paint and repaint the pictures in flashback forms.” Quoted from Michelle Groth, about post traumatic stress disorder. For some it is impossible to run away from their past but for one human, Billy Pilgrim, a World War 2 and Dresden bombing survivor, it is possible. He chooses not to face his experiences and goes into a very strange place. A place where memories do not exist and the normal day-to -day life does not occur. He becomes unstuck in time. Billy faces the consequence and lives in a different reality than everyone else. Vonnegut uses Billy’s experience to show how being unstuck in time made Pilgrim become helpless, powerless, and lack free will. He becomes unwilling to live and notices that his whole life does not matter, nothing really matters, and therefore everything is okay. “ It was all right with him. Everything was pretty much all right with Billy." (Vonnegut, 157) This is the consequences of being unstuck in time, where he lives his whole timeline in a flash at different periods of time. He is helpless to feel and see things on a different perspective like any other normal human. Death fell all around him during war but everything is still alright for him. He is unable to feel his life and experiences, this is also established through the way he speaks, as though there is no emotion or point of saying what is said. “ Oh God, “ Said Barbara, and she turned her back
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