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Billy the Kid is one of the youngest and infamous outlaws in the west. The kid fell into trouble when he was young and it escalated as he got older. He then goes to Lincoln County where he is soon in a war that leads to him being wanted by law enforcement. When captured he makes his greatest escape, he then will be shot a couple months later. When Billy the Kid was he got in trouble, he stole butter and sold it to a Silver City store. The sheriff thought he knew how to deal with the boy, he gave him a spanking. However, he took part in what seemed to be a childhood prank. By stealing some clothes from a Chinese Laundry. Where they then hid the bundle at the Brown household. When Mrs. Brown found the bundle called the sheriff. The sheriff punished the Kid more strongly than before by putting him in jail. But a pattern that would soon become deadly and familiar, he shinnied up the chimney that was in his cell, and escaped (Cantor, 116; Green and Sanford, 5-6). Growing up in Silver City left a mark on young Billy’s life. Where he came from it was very violent. Men always carried around guns and they were quick to use them. Some of the people there drank and gamble too much. He began to believe that only fools worked hard to get money. That it seemed easy to take what one wanted,…show more content…
The Kid was liked most people except one man. Windy Cahill, a blacksmith, always tease Billy and found it funny to slap and knock down Billy. On one day the two exchanged some mean words, and started a real fight. Cahill outweighed him by a few dozen pounds, pinned the Kid to the floor. As he was pummeling Billy, he had somehow got a gun and shot Cahill in the heart. He died the next day, this was Billy’s first murder at age seventeen . The jury ruled it as murder and Billy did not wait to be put in jail he rode east to New Mexico where he stayed at a ranch but left two weeks later (Cantor, 116; Green and Sanford,
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