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Billy the Water Droplet Today I am going to tell you about a water droplet named Billy and what his life is like. Billy is kind of going through a rough patch in his life right now. First he formed into an organism, then went to a groundwater, to surface water, then turned back into an organism, and was left as groundwater. Billy’s life is the water cycle process because he goes through evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and Infiltration. This is the story of Billy the water droplet and all his adventures as he goes through life. Charlie woke up at 6:00 a.m. and he felt kind of sick but still decided to go for his morning jog. He jogged for thirty minutes at the park and suddenly Billy appeared on his forehead. Billy was so happy that he was finally formed and Charlie was so sweaty that he just wiped Billy away with a towel. When he threw the towel down Billy fell into the ground and is resting on a layer of soil beneath the town of Fruitvale. Billy got really scared of being in the ground so long that he tried everything that he could do to get out of the ground but then he finally rose to the surface and became a mud puddle. When he formed in to a mud puddle he met a girl named Sally and they became best friends. They tell each other everything and do everything together until one day when…show more content…
Billy went through the water cycle process like evaporation was when he evaporated into the atmosphere and formed into a raindrop. Condensation and precipitation is when he turns into rain. Infiltration is the process where Billy soaked into the ground. Billy will keep going through the stages like at the beginning when he was an organism, to groundwater, then to surface water, back to organism, and he is back to groundwater because of the water cycle. That is the adventurous life of Billy the water

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