Bilwyf And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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Beowulf is about a warrior from Geatland who takes on the task of getting rid of a monster named Grendel who is terrorizing King Hrothgar’s land. He then kills the monster and it’s mother a while later only to face that his own kingdom is being terrorized many years later by a dragon. He successfully destroys the dragon, but not without giving up his own life. The 13th Warrior is about Northmen warriors, and an Arab, who takes a journey to another land to rid them of some type of “creatures”. King Hrothgar needs these 13 men to get rid of these “creatures” who won’t stop killing off the people of his village. Bulwyf and his men killed the mother and then the leader of the “creatures” in order to free the people and their King of such horror. There are many similarities when you take a look at both of these stories. The men who are to be warriors in both stories are Vikings. These groups of men share the same…show more content…
Beowulf and Bulwyf both were poisoned, but Beowulf was poisoned by a dragon and Bulwyf was poisoned by the mother of the “creatures”. There were different monsters in both of the stories as well. Beowulf had to defeat three different monsters while Bulwyf only had to deal with one type of monster. In the story of Beowulf, he decided to bring 14 warriors with him only to end up fighting alone by choice. In the story of Bulwyf he was apart of 13 warriors who all helped get rid of the creatures. The way the story is told is a big difference. Beowulf is told in third person while The 13th Warrior is told in the first person perspective. Ahmed is the narrator for The 13th warrior as he is the one who tells the story. If you really think about it, Beowulf and The 13th Warrior have pretty similar stories. They even have some of the same characters from Beowulf in The 13th Warrior. The similarities and differences are what makes these two stories alike and apart from each

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