Bin Ladin Speech Analysis

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“Then everyone of you she prepared to carry out his role in the way that would satisfy
Bin Ladin makes a claim stating that the work al-Qaeda is performing during the 9/11 attack is one that would “satisfy God”. Bin Ladin uses the emotional appeal I've tried to convince others to join Al-Qaeda and commit the crimes that occurred on 9/11.
“Do not seek revenge for yourself. Strike for God's sake.”
Bin Ladin manipulates the members Al-Qaeda into thinking that they have an obligation to strike for God's sake. He teaches others the Americans are the enemy and probably clarifies throughout the speech that their terrorist attacks come with clear understanding of what might happen to them when it is over and who they are doing it for.
“If everything goes well, everyone of you should pat the other on the shoulder in confidence.”
Bin Ladin uses an emotional appeal of
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Shout, ‘Allahu Akbar,’ because this strikes fear in the heart of the non-believers.
Bin Ladin uses didactic language touche Prime in al-Qaeda in the cause they stand for. Bin-Ladin uses the phrase,”strike like champions” to emphasize the pride and unity Al-Qaeda shares when taking down the United States. He also uses the phrase “strike fear in the hearts of the non-believers" to cause others to join his political views on life and focus on acts of terrorism.
“ if God decrees that any of you are just lawyer, you should dedicate the slaughter to your father's, because you have obligations to work them.”
Bin Ladin utilizes didactic language to explain his idea of gods decreed Ward Sloter. He uses phrases such as “ do not neglect… what is greater, paying attention to the enemy,” to explain that Al-Qaeda does not kill without a cause , but kills in the name of their fathers and by their definition of God’s decree. He also forces them to stay focused on the main enemy: American.
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