Binary Opposition In Narnia

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Cixous states some binary opposition between male and female. Those oppositions can be analyzed as hierarchy (2000: 147). This hierarchy is putting male as the superior and female as the inferior one. One of Cixous opposition is “day and night”. In common belief, day connotes the brightness, shine and warmness, while night represents dark, death and evil. The connotation of “day” commonly seen as the good sign. All of good things could be happened in the day which represents brightness. On contrary, the bad things could be happened in the night with the sign of darkness.
This case can be seen in The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis as the opposition between male and female characters. The writer finds that Lewis implies the patriarchal binary thought through the characters of Aslan and The White Witch. The writer presents them as Good and Evil. All of good things can be seen in Aslan characteristics and he has appearance as a large and talking lion, he also has shining golden fur and magical power. In the other hand, The White Witch represents the “Evil”. Lewis describes her appearance as beautiful woman. Lewis manipulates The White Witch’s appearance with her beauty and the word “White” since she has a dark side and the most powerful evil in the novels. Aslan appears as the one who has power, intelligence, and wisdom. To use Helene Cixous’ term, he has civilized manner. He has the power for he is the creator of Narnia and Highest King of Narnia. He is also known as The
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