Bind Torture Kill Or BTK Killer

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Dennis Lynn Rader, later known as the Bind Torture Kill, or BTK Killer, grew up as an ordinary boy in Wichita Kansas. Rader only had one complaint in life and it was that his parents worked long hours and barely spent time with the boy, he complained they spent more time working, or with his three other siblings than him. Excluding this, Rader grew up in a supposedly normal household (FBI Kansas City). Starting around age 10, Rader started getting sadistic sexual urges to torture women after binding them up with ropes. To relieve these urges, he would take his anger out on animals, bind them up and watch them die. He even went as far as hanging them by the throat for them to die. Once Rader lost pleasure from killing animals, he went on to …show more content…

The Otero family was a loving family that immigrated to Wichita, Kansas, from Puerto Rico. The Otero family consisted of 7 family members, Joseph, Julie, Charlie, Danny, Carmen, Josephine, and Joseph Jr. Little did the Oteros know, they were going to become the BTK’s first victims. Dennis Rader turned to murder and the Otero family was the unlucky selection after weeks of stalking. His prime suspect in the murder was nine-year-old Josephine Otero, but Rader still expected to see the rest of the family there as well. In the weeks leading up to the murders, Rader had gathered equipment such as ropes, bags, blankets, and a pistol, along with a plan to enter the house and control the family (Bonn). Rader entered the house using the back door on the morning of the 15th, cut the phone lines, and obtained control of the family by saying it was a robbery and he was not going to hurt anyone. Shortly after Rader entered the house, he realized that the plans he had to control the family were not going to work and he was going to have to make something up on the spot. Rader believed having a dog in the house was a threat and would alert the neighbors, so he had Josephine take the dog outside. In the house at this time were Joseph, Julie, Josephine, and Joseph Jr. Rader secured the family in one of the bedrooms and proceeded to tie them all up securely and place a bag over …show more content…

All activity from Rader seemed to stop in the early 90s. However, starting a couple of years before he was caught, he felt cocky and started talking to the police again using notes, explaining his kills and taunting the police. Dennis Rader was so egotistical and wanted attention so badly, that he got himself caught 13 years after his murders stopped. Rader became so arrogant that he asked the police if they could trace him if he communicated using a floppy disk. The police answered saying that they could not track a floppy disk, but little did Rader know, they could. Rader believed the police and used a floppy disk to communicate which led the police back to his church and, eventually, his capture. Another factor that contributed to the arrest of Rader was a sample of his semen found in the basement of the Otero’s house, close to where Josephine’s body was found. This DNA evidence helped narrow down the search for Rader (Hansen). On June 27, 2005, Dennis Rader appeared in court and confessed to every murder he committed and stated every detail. In total, Rader had committed 10 murders all using his bind, torture, kill method. The judge started at the beginning of Rader’s killing spree, and Rader first admitted to killing the Otero family members. Rader willingly answered every single question the judge asked, and seemed to have remembered the murders as if they has happened mere days earlier. Rader

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