Bing Crosby's Argumentative Essay

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Post-war America developed into an age romanticized through music and movies. This cannot be a surprise with the youthful men coming home from the war into an economy able to build a suburbia for the perfect, nuclear families. Hollywood glam and Las Vegas’s glitz shown brighter with handsome army outfits on stage and big bands blasting away. The radio was already a societal token and a television set became a necessary commodity for every American household. Of course, this is a view through rose-colored glasses. America had yet to face the heartbreak and divisive struggles of its citizens which became more and more prevalent in the proceeding decade. America created a national identity as a strong negotiator and world power, but at home it did not have a handle on the rebelliousness signified in this age. Racial tensions became strong although the American citizens had fought the Nazis over religious discrimination. However, with this…show more content…
He represents the American Dream model by working hard and succeeding in his dream. Coming from a strong Italian family, with a frightening mother to say the least, Frank Sinatra created a work ethic which stuck with him and paralleled his temperament. Sinatra gave off an aura which easily intimidated others, or perhaps that was the money from his successes which gave him such a large influence in post-war America. Gay Talese wrote in his article Frank Sinatra Has a Cold from a personal narrative with his time around Sinatra and his cohorts. This view goes beyond Sinatra’s fame and material possessions to take a look into his private life. The Italian man was quick to anger with a perfectionist attitude. His all-or-nothing attitude contributes to his successes in the recording
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