Binge And Follow Me Essay

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Tyler Oakley and Ricky Dillon, two comedians with millions of viewers on youtube. In Tyler Oakley's debut book Binge and Ricky Dillon´s debut book Follow Me. Both Binge and Follow Me, deal with struggles that they both had to overcome to become the stars they are today. In Binge by Tyler Oakley the author uses a lot of humor to tell his life stories. The book is about his life and how it was difficult for him to get through it. He grew up in a tough family, his parents both got divorced and money was tight. Tyler had to move to a different state almost every year, and would have trouble making friends at his new schools. The only person that seemed to stand by him was his sister. Whatever decisions Tyler made that his parents did not support, his sister stood by him and helped him achieve what no one else thought was possible. Most people thought he was too different but overcame it, as the text shows at page 57 “The only constant you have from Point A, your birth to Point B, your death is…show more content…
I believe Binge was more entertaining because Tyler´s struggles seemed relatable, he had problems that many kids could relate too, like when he had to move and restart at a new school. Tyler is rebellious and in the book he talked about his adventures which were very entertaining. Binge was also more entertaining because Tyler had more drama in his life. In the book he got bullied for who he was, throughout his life. In Follow Me, Ricky got bullied for a fragment of his life, when he was overweight. It was much harder for Tyler because people judged him for who he was. He could not change who he was, meanwhile Ricky just had to eat healthier until he achieved his goal. Lastly I believe Binge was a better book because he had a story, unlike Follow Me, where the author just wrote about key moments in his life. Since Ricky would not include background information about some characters it was a little hard to
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