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My program is aimed at reducing binge drinking among college students that attend all University of Michigan campuses, from 20 percent to 10 percent within one to two years. Activities included in this program are community discussion forums, student workshops, student behavioral counseling, and health fairs centered on binge drinking/alcoholism. Health educators and guest speakers who are personally impacted by binge drinking are core stakeholders needed for interacting with the students to inform them of the dangers tied with this practice and how to avoid them. Local public health organizations could also get involved to educate students. Accessing federal funding sources would be needed to support the specific activities geared toward helping…show more content…
Each year contains four quarters, so two years consists of a total of eight quarters. I would enter the planning phase of formative evaluation by analyzing the different dimensions of binge drinking as well as the stakeholders involved, such as advertisers of alcoholic beverages. To develop the program, I would apply the various elements of program logic. After this, I would utilize different ways to collect information about the students’ experience and determine the progress my program is making. The different activities of my program would take place during each quarter, including monthly community discussion forums and workshops to lower binge drinking, etc. At least one health fair can take place during the first and last quarters of the year, when I assume most students will be dealing with school stressors that induce binge drinking. During each quarter, I would collect information about binge drinking habits by using semi-structured interviews, workshop or counseling diaries, and anonymously completed surveys. I believe the surveys would be most effective because I could easily send them out to all college students through email and include the provision of incentives to get them to participate, such as gift cards. During these surveys, I would try to get them to reveal their perceived danger of binge drinking and what they attribute their reduction in binge drinking to, if achieved. From the entire survey data, I would calculate the prevalence rate of binge drinking among these

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