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Effects of the Binge Eating Disorder toward a person’s emotional state
The Binge Eating Disorder is one of the main issues of our society nowadays. This disorder is suffered by a variety of people. It is not exclusive to people of a specific age or sex, but it attacks anyone who might be undergoing depression, has unhealthy and unsupervised dieting plans, and coping skill problems. As it is known that stress is common in our world today, it is not common knowledge how we are all on the verge of getting an eating disorder that is not as easily identifiable as the rest. The Binge Eating Disorder is not widely known among the society, however, its effects and coverage is growing as our population increases as well.
The Binge Eating Disorder is the compulsive overeating of people or their consumption of large amounts of food in recurring episodes. Unlike other eating disorders, like Bulimia, binge eating does
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People who have this disorder binge eat regularly and cannot control themselves while they are eating. Binge eating is also defined as compulsive overeating wherein the individual uncontrollably consumes huge amounts of food whilst having the inability to stop himself. The main reason as to why people engage into binge eating and comfort food is because they are stressed and depressed (Alicio, 2007). Studies show that the more an individual feel negative emotions, the more they indulge themselves to compulsive overeating (Juan, 2002). For binge eaters, food is like a "drug" that is hard to resist once you get addicted to it. Stress is a norm for people, it is applied to their daily lives, even without their own awareness. In order for that stress to be relieved, people search for different outlets. Binge eating provides provisional contentment and can briefly elevate a person's

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