Binge Watching Research Paper

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You finally invested in a new Blu Ray player and you picked up some cheap copies of your favorite television series. And now you 're ready to binge watch on your day off. However, you need to make sure you 're following these guidelines when binge watching to keep it healthy.

Eating Healthy Snacks

When binge watching a television series, you 're going to want snacks. Unfortunately, sitting around and eating excessive potato chips and pizza is not good for your health. Instead of these snacks, try creating a plate or two of healthy snacks that you chomp on during dramatic moments.

A few of the healthiest snacks you can eat while watching television include:

Roasted chickpeas Popcorn Pistachios Mozzarella cheese sticks
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Create a list of simple exercises you can do when certain recurring situations occur during an episode. It 's a bit like a drinking game, but healthy.

Give Your Eyes A Break

If you 're watching television for an extended period of time, you may be causing them damage. For example, you may blink far less than you should when watching an epic moment, which can cause your eyes to dry out and become red. And if you 're watching on a digital screen, you are getting exposed to high-energy visible light, which can cause irritation and damage to the retina and even sleep problems.

So what can you do? Try to focus away from the television screen for 20-30 seconds every 20-30 minutes. And try to take a break between episodes to help your eyes relax and to avoid excessive strain
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