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Binge drinking is when someone drinks heavily on a particular event, or even drinks alcohol endlessly over a number of days or weeks. A young person who drinks usually has controlled drinking habits, but sometimes when they drink, they don’t hold back. Leading to more long-term effects.

For students’ aged 18 and under the risks of violence, self-harm, accidents and injuries are of drinking high (Chikritzhs et al 2003; Stephens 2006; Miller et al 2007). 45% of all assaults in NSW in one year up to September 2007 were alcohol related. When people drink alcohol at a young age they can increase the probability of negative physical and mental health conditions, social problems and alcohol dependence (Hemmingsson & Lundberg 2001; Hingson et al 2003; Guilamo-Ramos et al 2004; Toumbourou et al 2004; Wells et al 2004; Jefferis et al 2005). Drinking regularly in adolescence is a very dangerous factor for the development of dependent and risky patterns of use in young adulthood ((Bonomo et al 2001; Australian Institute of Family Studies 2004; Wells et al 2004; Hingson et al 2003; Hingson et al 2006; Toumbourou et al 2004; Warner et al 2007; Pitkanen et al 2005).

While alcohol affects everyone differently, frequent drinking is likely to cause problems in both the short and long term, which can be very harmful to a person’s wellbeing and health. As well as
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The latest Australian School Students’ Alcohol and Drug Survey, was in 2005 showing that 10% of 12-year-old students had drunk alcohol in the week that the survey was taken, and for 17-year-old students it was 49%. 29% of teenagers who consume alcohol on a weekly basis are males aged 12-17 and 39% of females’ aged it had drunk more then 5 drinks in a particular event. 40% of 14-19-year-olds that drink at a high-risk level that may lead to short-term effects such as accidents and

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