Binoculars: Why Did The Colonists View Native Americans?

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One of the events take I had to take off my binoculars is how the colonist viewed the natives Americans. They saw the natives as demons, which is a hard concept to understand in this culture. I thought this because people now in days do not see a new person and scream “demon” and try to kill, reeducate them, and take their land from them. The other event that I had to take off my binoculars is the slave trade and slaves. The morals the slave owner has are very different than today’s accepted morals. I could not understand the reasoning behind someone owning a person. I also had to take off my binoculars when looking at the tactics being used in the Civil War. I was annoyed at the Civil War movies because the soldiers were in tight lines shooting at each other with really no cover. To be honest it looked like suicide to join the armies. Also the color guard to me seemed foolish and more suicidal because people run into battle carrying no weapons but a large flag and to me the was like “please kill me, I can be easily seen, look at this flag of your enemy, and try to shoot me!!!!!” I struggled to understand why they used those tactics, because to me they lacked common sense. Then I read about why they did stuff like this. They made the lines because the smoke from the guns the soldiers could not see what they were shooting at, so the officers put them in a line so the might actually hit something out of luck. For the color guard, it actually had a purpose and it was to hold the lines together.…show more content…
I was annoyed that their solution to everything was, “Let’s cut off a limb and drain some of their blood!!!!!Yay medication!!Who needs sanitation!!!!” In today 's world, these practices would be considered flawed and

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