Bio 1406 Reflection

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The first time I met the general academics counselor at MCC, I informed her that my ultimate goal was to become a physical therapist, however, I had no idea how to work my way there. She explained that I would have to take a biology for majors course that semester. I enrolled, but the minute I heard the news a ball of nerves filled my stomach.
I worried because I had no science foundation. I walked into my BIO 1406 class, to face the boldest teacher I had ever met. She made us understand that this was not a class in which you goofed off. I felt a little reassured that she had had students who had no science background, and her class would serve as a foundation. She repeatedly reminded us that memorizing and learning the information she taught was merely the first step. Then you had to understand the facts, apply the facts, and analyze the information. To scare us more, she told us that the average grade on the first test of a person who actually studied was a 60, because her tests were unlike anything we had ever had before.
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This professor challenged me both academically and emotionally. She pushed me to become a better student and I will always be grateful. In BIO 1406 I was able to figure out my learning style and I learned how to apply facts rather than just memorize them. My critical thinking skills were enhanced as well as my communication skills. Thanks to this professor I have been able to grow as a person and I have used the skills I learned in this class to all my other classes and it has had an incredible
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