Bio-Psycho-Sociocultural-Spiritual Assessment

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Assessment Planning Social worker conduct bio-psycho-sociocultural-spiritual assessments to gather information regarding all of the different dimensions of a client. This will allow the social worker to examine every factor that may or may not be contributing to the presenting problem the client is being treated for. For the purpose of this assignment, I will use the provided case study “Peter” as if I were conducting a bio-psycho-sociocultural-spiritual assessment.
Biological Dimension The biological dimension will be included in this assessment because it takes into consideration any physical or genetic factors that may be contributing to Peter’s problem, what stage of human development is he currently experiencing, and how this affects
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The psychological dimension in the assessment would include any history of physical aggression, self-harm, and substance abuse. The psychological dimension would also screens for abuse or neglect at any point in Peter’s life whether it was physical, sexual, emotional, or verbal. Here is also where I would gather information pertaining to prior psychiatric treatment, inpatient and outpatient, as well as family history of mental illness.
Socio-cultural Dimension The socio-cultural dimension of Peter is important to assess because this will allow me to understand Peter from a person-in-environment perspective and any cultural factors that may affect treatment. For example, in some cultures spanking is a more acceptable form of punishing children whereas in other cultures spanking children is viewed as inhumane. The socio-cultural dimension assesses family functioning, family roles or customs, as well as family financial status. This is also the part in the assessment where I would ask questions pertaining to Peter’s educational history, work history, and legal history. Personal history is a major aspect of the socio-cultural dimension, because it includes peer relationships and leisure activities the client engages
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His wife and children would also be able to give input on how Peter’s problem has affected family dynamics. I would also use the opportunity of involving Peter’s wife and children in the assessment process in order to build rapport and determine if group counseling would benefit this family.
Definition of Problem Based on information gathered from the assessment, Peter feels he too young to loose his mother to death. Peter is becoming aware of the realities and challenges associated with aging and being an older adult. As a result, Peter has been displacing his grief onto his family and has been withdrawing socially from support systems outside of his family.

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