Essay On I Want To Become A Biochemist

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My life experiences have helped me to work towards my career. My desire to become a biochemist grew in me when I was young.Back then a cousin of mine was living with my family.My cousin was a very nice person to me,we always play together,watch movies,go on adventure and do many other things together,I grew up to be fond of my cousin.My cousin had a sickle cell anaemia disease since he was young,he was placed on several medications which include antibiotics,pain relieving medication and hydroxyurea which were aimed at suppressing the disease and sustaining his life.Back then,my cousin always suffer sickle cell anaemia crisis,on a fateful morning,my cousin woke up with a threatening crisis,his usual medication was given to him all…show more content…
Futhermore,I wish to establish a charity foundation in remembrance of my cousin.The foundation will be named after my cousin’s name,the foundation will be of help to the orphans,the widows, the widowers,the poor,the disabled and the less privileged.The charity services will include free education,provision of shelter and many other free services. I believe that biochemistry is the right course for me because I have all it takes to become a biochemist.I am highly diligent,committed and determined.I believe that I am capable of studying biochemistry in the university. However,without obtaining a college degree, I will not be able to achieve my goal and vision in life and all my past effort will be in vain.Therefore,I wish to be considered for an admission in the university and I wish to be given a scholarship to further my education due to insufficient fund and the financial situation of my
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