Biocon HR Policy Analysis

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Several organizations implement HR policies and practices that are harsh in nature and don’t see employee benefit. They might be fine keeping in mind the company’s interests but also contribute to the attrition rate, employee turnover because they can be very demotivating to the employees. Such policies may be in line with the business model but are not in sync with the employee. Employees feel that these organizations are selfish and only care about the business and not the employee’s welfare. However, no company wants to let go of its employees because higher attrition rates lead to a negative name in the market for the company. There are several companies who have established a balance where their HR policies lead to employees dropping out.…show more content…
The company believes that employees should wear formals only, and be well groomed on every working day of the week. Failure to do so results in the employee getting blacklisted, and then sending a copy of the mail to the employee and to his superiors. An employee is liable to get thrown out if he even wears clothes which deviate from the requirement. This policy might be fine considering the decorum and the fact that the employee should look his best while meeting the customer. However, it can be very demoralizing for an employee who is working for the first…show more content…
An employee cannot join the organization again after he has left. Also, a candidate previously rejected by the company’s HR cannot give an interview again. These policies are not bad in the broad spectrum. They are good when we take the company’s business model in perspective. However, they are very orthodox and may conflict with the employee’s best interests. Therefore, the rate of attrition at Biocon is very high with huge dropout rates by employees especially in the Sales team. This negatively affects the company’s image in front of the market and in front of the customers. However, there are several HR policies implemented by Biocon which are highly motivational to its employees. Firstly, their recruitment policies can be beneficial to employees using the ‘Employee Referral Program’. An employee can get up to Rs. 20000 as incentive if he refers the right candidate for the company who eventually gets selected. The employee is rewarded the prize money within 30 days of hiring the new candidate. Apart from that, the training programs and the team building exercises implemented by Biocon are very innovative and motivational in nature. Therefore, it can be inferred that Biocon has established a balance of positive and negative
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