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Biocon India Group case study Student X University of the People BUS 4403 Introduction At the beginning, Biocon was the main enzyme producer for the European and American market, to leave this notoriety and enter the arena of the production of insulin and other drugs, it evaluates the risks and undertake the most appropriate strategies. Then, through this essay we will try to response to some questions about Biocon in order to describe strategies applied by Biocon, or the key groups involved and in the program, and so one. Strategic choices available The micro-society is born in a garage, with a handful of rupees as starting capital. Today, his group has more than $ 250 million in sales, 5,000 employees…show more content…
With the opening of Clinigene, there was acceptance of clinical trials on humans in India, Clinigene was the company that allowed them to do clinical tests (Kalegaonkar, Locke, & Lehrick, 2008). In addition to a great market opportunity, there was also the revenue earned by creating and selling pharmaceutical drugs in India. Although the real income came from companies abroad that promoted their medicinal manufacture. Expansion in another way. His second choice was the culture of the company. Within the company there was an open door policy, where employees bypass the ordinary hierarchy. Employees were encouraged to flout the hierarchy in order to give the best of themselves, everyone working together in an open and confidential atmosphere. The choice not to develop. The last strategic choice was the policy and ethics that accompanied this decision. It was very difficult to accept the idea that drug testing could benefit from Indian poverty. Key groups…show more content…
Threatens of this structure More than two years after Clinic's creation, questions about the risks posed, particularly in market positioning, culture, publicity, and ethics. There was a risk of dangerously rapid success that could weaken the group's structure. Conclusion or recommendation to Biocon India To ensure the group's sustainability, management had to ensure that Clinigene invested only in relatively safe services; and waiting for clinical trials until Syngene is ready to test its own original molecules. Another important point, he could acquire a clinical services CRO that would add expertise and customer relationships, with a culture different from that of Biocon. It would be a good decision to promote and market Clinigene in oblivion and slowly bring Cinigene into

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