Bioethics Case Study Essay

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Grade 10 Biology (MYP 5)
Bioethics case study (Criteria D)

Is the Current Process of Organ Allocation In the United States of America Ethical?

The current procedure of organ portion comprises of an entangled lawful, administrative and authoritative lattice. This network needs to correspond with the law, Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN), United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) and the nationwide network of 58 organ procurement organizations (OPOs)(Davis). At present acquirement of an organ (or organs) from a specific contributor and the assignment of the organ(s) to a specific patient depend on key choices made by individuals. Whether a patient is included or expelled from the list, whether an organ is accepted for transplant
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Every organ transplant is different and due to the scope of this essay I can only explain the procedure of kidney transplant surgery, one of the most common organ transplants. An intravenous (IV) will be started in your arm or hand; additional catheters may be inserted in your neck and wrist to monitor the status of the patient’s heart and blood pressure. A catheter will be inserted into the patient’s bladder. The patient will be laid on their back on the operating table (Kidney Transplantation…show more content…
Then the irrigation is done with heparinized saline. The artery opening can be enlarged if necessary. A single stich with 50 Proline is done at the middle of the anastomosis in order to improve exposure. Then using a double armed 60 Proline the artery is anastomosis is performed. This can take up to one hour. Then the vein clamps are removed first then the artery ones are removed. Now that the kidney is in place attention is give to the urethra replantation. Again anastomosis is performed and the kidney is now fully functional. The wound is stitched layer by layer. The operation is complete

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