Bioethics In The Movie Jurassic Park

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A student from the Michigan University (2007) defines Bioethics as an activity which is a shared, reflective examination of ethical issues in health care, health science, and health policy. These fields have always had ethical standards, of course, handed down within each profession, and often without question. Hence, the discussion of this standards is called Bioethics. This discussions takes place in the media, in the academy, in classrooms, in labs, offices, and hospital wards. The conversation is often sparked by new developments, like the possibility of cloning. But bioethics also raises new questions about old issues, like the use of placebos and the treatment of pain. Some of the early founders of bioethics put into view four principles which formed this framework for moral reasoning. These four principles are: (1) Autonomy which means that one should respect the right of individuals to make their own decisions. (2) Non-maleficence which means that one should avoid causing harm. (3)Beneficence meaning that one should take positive steps to help others. And lastly (4) Justice meaning that benefits and risks should be fairly distributed. This four principles are now going to be applied to the movie Jurassic park a movie made in 1993 by the director Steven Spielberg. The movie is about an entrepreneur who secretly creates dinosaurs from past DNA. In other words he is cloning the dinosaurs to make a theme park and so he invites a paleobotanist, palaeontologist, a

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