Biofeedback Research Paper

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Biofeedback is the use of instrumentation to bring physiological events to conscious awareness. It overall allows you to see what you muscles are doing in a quantified way and learning from that. There is also electromyographic biofeedback, which permits awareness of neural recruitment of muscles by transducing the electrical activity during muscular contraction into audio or visual signals. This is a way to look at how outside signal will be affecting you neural recruitment of your muscles. You can enhance your ability to check visual feedback by using mirrors with your original test. Two other things that you can measure to get a better idea of the athletes biofeedback is heart rate and galvanic skin repose, sweating. You can use a combination of devices to look at neuromuscular re-education and follow with musculoskeletal injury.…show more content…
One of the most effective reasons for using biofeedback is to use it as a teaching aid. This is because effective learning requires precise and timely information about the quality of the performance given by the athlete. This is extremely true for cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains. When feedback is timely is allows individual assessment of performance and identifying areas for improvement. For all of this to work and be worth your time and effort the feedback must be precise. The more precise the faster and greater the improvement you will see. The most common instrument you see used for biofeedback is an EMG. This instrument gives the electrical activity of the muscle. It is important to use biofeedback because everything we do involves coordination and complex motions and when you look at individual muscles you are able to figure out the exact problem in that complex motion. It can also help with helping in the act of learning

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