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Abstract— Biofeedback analysis is a highly effective solution to variety of clinical symptoms ranging from involuntary urination to hypertension as well as assessing somatic awareness of the subject under test by making the virtually invisible really visible. This paper particularly investigates a case based approach to biofeedback analysis and some psychosomatic applications. Psychosomatic patients more often gives thrust in mastering case based skills rather than just attaching them to the equipments for the purpose of treatment of their disorders. Successful treatment includes (1) assessing the physiology of the subject under test as a diagnostic strategy, (2) explaining the illness and healing strategies in detail to the subject that are in congruence with the subjects perspective, (3) restructuring the subjects illness beliefs, and (4) psycho physiological training accompanied by homework practices in order to master the skills. This research paper deals with experimental approach towards the above mentioned processes which has being explained…show more content…
of hand and foot., autogenic phrases, blood pressure monitoring and etc [15-17]. 2.1 Major Applications of Biofeedback Systems The use of biofeedback systems mainly finds its place ranging from diagnosing physiological symptoms ,exploration of one’s self awareness and personal growth. Biofeedback systems are used for- • Measuring, monitoring, analyzing and documentation of data received from the subjects under test for further research. • For describing the mind-body interconnection and inter relationship. • To facilitate the process of self healing for the subjects under test. • To master the self control over philological process of subject body. 2.2 An experimental illustration of biofeedback

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