Biofeedback Therapy

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Alternative Health Care Therapies Introduction Biofeedback therapy, also called biofeedback training is a technique in which you can learn how to train yourself to control involuntary bodily functions at will; like Asthma. There are three types of biofeedback therapy, and they are: Thermal biofeedback - which measures skin temperature. Electromyography - which measures muscle tension. Neurofeedback - which measures brain wave activity. Biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and the psychological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behaviour. Biofeedback therapy may not work on serious medical conditions, but works for minor pains and nuisances like migraines or headaches. Body The…show more content…
Some problems may occur if biofeedback therapy is used to treat certain conditions when the use of this therapy is not recommended. But there are 2 major negatives which include: People who undergo biofeedback have many benefits, but those benefits decay or become weak over time, so you have to keep visiting your biofeedback therapist regularly. There are not many people working as biofeedback therapies, so there are not many places that do this in the world, let alone in NSW or Sydney. And even if there are some locations in Sydney, there are not many therapists. Location Here are some locations of biofeedback therapists in my local area (Sydney). Sydney Neurofeedback Centre- Suite 2.9, GPO Building. 741 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW…show more content…
These barriers include: Not having the time for going to the sessions every week, and also not having time to do the exercises specified by your therapist at home. This may be because you are very busy with work or school work. Convenience would be an issue, because there may not be many biofeedback therapists near your home, making it inconvenient, and a pain to travel to. This also ties into being busy all the time and not being able to go to the sessions. Other Information Biofeedback can enhance the effects of other therapy treatments if done in conjunction with each other. This treatment makes patients more aware of the importance of their health and maintaining it and also more aware about disease prevention. There is no reason to worry about anything or be scared of the therapist being inexperienced, because all biofeedback therapists have to undergo and pass the ‘Board Certification in biofeedback’ to become a biofeedback therapist. It is a very costly and time consuming therapy and does similar things compared to relaxation

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