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Biogas plants are usually made from steel, zinc, rubber, mild steel, aluminum or combination with two or more between of them. The use of concrete to build the wall of the digester was limited to a specific period of time. Nowadays, the body of biogas plant is commonly manufactured through casting process.

Many improvements have been made in manufacture the body structure of biogas digester such as change of materials to build the structure of the digester and make innovations in some or the other ways to make the digester be more efficient to produce methane gas.

Biogas plants are widely used in various countries of the world after humans knew the application of methane gas.
Various applications are Generating
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Biogas is a mixture of methane (60-70%), carbon dioxide (30.40%) and traces of other gases like hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen. Methane in biogas provides a source of fuel without smoke.
Anaerobic digestion (AD) is the process by which plant and animal material is converted into useful product by micro-organisms in the absence of air. Biomass is put inside a sealed tank and naturally occurring micro-organisms digest it, releasing methane that can be used to provide heat and power. The material left over at the end of the process, known as bio-slurry, is very rich in nutrients so it can be used as fertilizer. This means that generation of biogas is carried out by using waste materials of plant or animal origin which can be potential source of environmental pollution if disposed of without conversion. Most importantly it provides an alternate source of renewable energy and thus reduces the burden on use of fossil fuel as a source of energy. The bio-slurry provides organic fertilizer which, unlike synthetic fertilizers imparts no catastrophic effect on soil as well as
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Biogas plants have hitherto gained little acceptance. Simple biogas plants have up to now presumably been inappropriate. Bicycles are appropriate: if a person buys a bicycle, he is proud. It is a sign of his advance, his personal progress. The bicycle is appropriate to the need for social recognition. If the person mounts the bicycle and falls off because he does not know how to ride it, it is not appropriate to the abilities of its owner. The person learns to ride and thus adapts himself to his cherished bicycle. The person goes to work on his bicycle. It is appropriate to his need for convenience and low-cost transport. The bicycle breaks down. The person has no money to spare to have it mended. He saves on other expenditure, because the bicycle is important for his pride and his convenience. He walks long distances to the repairer. He adapts to the needs of the bicycle.
The person can afford this expenditure without getting into economic difficulties. The bicycle is appropriate to his economic capacity.
A biogas plant is correctly operated and maintained if it satisfies the user's need for recognition and convenience. He for his part is then prepared to adapt to the needs of the biogas

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