Biographical Essay On Maisie's Hard Work

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The spotlight 's glare on Maisie as she steps foot into the Carnegie Hall stage in New York City. She was among about a hundred others was chosen to be in the honors choir, out of the few thousand that tried out. Maisie’s hard work has helped her accomplish many things and shape her into the person she is today, according to close friends and family. For many years Maisie has been going to theater practices, voice lessons, piano lessons, It all started at a very young age. Maisie started singing as a very young child and piano only as a kindergartener. Sweeney also had started playing the cello in fourth grade but that is not the only instrument she plays. She also started putting time toward learning to play the guitar and ukulele just…show more content…
“When I get a negative note in rehearsal, or a piano or voice lesson, I will work on whatever I got a note about until it is absolutely perfect. I don 't like to do things incorrectly. I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things that I am really invested in, and I don 't rest until I feel satisfied with it. Working with others is something you would be found doing if you are in a play or choir group. Maisie would tell you that over the past years she has done this a lot. “After years of working with various casts, you learn a lot about working in a team, and working with other people. You can never be selfish in theater. You have to make choices for the benefit of the group, and I think that has helped me become a good team member in life”. Maisie tells us that the outcome of all the hard work and had such a positive outcome on her life. “Performing is such a rush”, said Sweeney. “The moment when months of rehearsal all come together to form an awesome end product that you get to share with an audience is so exciting.[...]I couldn 't imagine doing anything else. You just feel so powerful, like you 've got the audience wrapped around your finger, and you are sharing with them this piece of art that you have
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