Lust For Life Analysis

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The famous paintings that we know and sometimes, we can see on textbooks, magazines or even televisions are made of artists who are known as painters. These painters show their emotions and feelings to their artworks that sometimes, people who can see their works can also feel what the painters are trying to depict on their work. Some painters became famous because of their artworks just like Leonardo da Vinci who made the painting Monalisa. And because of their famous status, biopics are being made about these famous artists. But, what is biopic? And, how it is related to painters? Well, we will know about biopic as we continue with this. Biopic is the abbreviation of biographical film. And, what is a biographical film? Biographical film is a…show more content…
This biographical film was greatly regarded by many movie critics and at this time, the film has an approval rating of 100% from the Rotten Tomatoes critics.
2. Lust for Life (1956)
This biopic titled Lust for Life was Vincent Van Gough which was directed by Vincente Minelli. This film focuses on Van Gough’s relationship with his brother Theo who was his art dealer. Vincent Van Gough’s role was played by Kirk Douglas and the role of his brother was played by James Donald. The film received three nominations for Academy Award and Anthony Quinn who has a minor role garnered Best Actor in Supporting Role Oscar.
Rotten Tomatoes considered this film as famous in which, the story was about the real connection between Van Gough’s brother and himself. This biopic has used almost 200 original paintings of Van Gough. Even though the Lust for Life film have failed to receive the mandatory number of viewers to acquire the seal of “Certifies Fresh” still, the film presently has an approval rating of 100% from the Rotten Tomatoes critics and was appreciated very well by many critics.
3. Mr. Turner
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