Biography Of Benedict Arnold

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On January 14, 1741 Benedict Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut. His father struggled financially, so as a kid Benedict was pulled out of school. Instead of school, he was an apprentice at his uncle 's apothecary shop. Arnold enlisted in the militia in 1757 and traveled upstate to New York to fight in the French and Indian War. Initially, he was working as a pharmacist and bookseller. Then he met Adam Babcock and formed a partnership with him. Together they equipped trading connections in the West Indies with three trading ships they bought. In addition, when the British passed the Stamp Act, he joined the Sons of Liberty, a secret society formed to protect the rights of the colonists and fight taxation by the British government. In 1767 he married Margaret Mansfield, and they had three children. Beginning the war as the captain of the militia, Arnold 's first mission was the attack on Fort Ticonderoga, where the British had a large supply on artillery. His mission was a great success. Benedict was then assigned to assault Quebec. Unfortunately, the attack failed. Also, his leg was shot and wounded. Eventually Arnold was promoted to a very…show more content…
Arnold was accused of corruption, incompetence, misconduct, and more. Benedict wanted to resign many times, but Washington 's pleads convinced him to stay. When the Congress accused him of a number of offenses, Arnold was hurt. He lived his life expensively, and soon enough found himself in debt. Desperately in need of money and insulted by the Congress, Arnold began passing information to the British about the American troops and their movements in exchange for money. Arnold had a plan to turn over the post at West Point. However, the plan failed when the British spy Andre was captured with papers exposing that Benedict was a traitor. Learning of Andre 's capture, he fled to the British lines and quickly began openly fighting for them. In January of 1801, Benedict Arnold 's health began to weaken, and he died on June 14,
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