Biography Of Saint Jerome Essay

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Saint Jerome Saint Jerome was first known as Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus. He was born around 342 AD and died on September 30, 420. He was born in a town called Stridon, Dalmatia which is today known as either Croatia and Slovenia, no one knows for sure. Saint Jerome was a priest, confessor, theologian, and historian. He believed in many things about the Church but always God first, he even translated the Bible into Latin, we still even use it today. The young Jerome was very educated. From a young age he learned German and Latin. His parents were pretty well-off and Christian. They tried to raise Jerome correctly, but he didn’t listen and behaved how he chose. Later, when he was around 12 years old he traveled to Rome to study grammar, philosophy, and rhetoric. After studying a bunch in rhetoric he chose a study in law. After awhile his better judgment got the best of him. He started pursuing the pleasure in women. After Jerome thought about this actions, he felt guilty. “He felt so guilty that he would visit crypts in Rome and image himself in Hell” (Online Catholic). He did that same thing every Sunday, he was not a Christian at this…show more content…
Included in this group were women of the city of Rome who wanted to live saintly lives. Pope Damasus died in 384, and this exposed Jerome to criticism and controversy. Jerome was a sarcastic man of great wit. He became unpopular because of his attitude and made a number of enemies. ‘While Pope Damasus was alive, he could shield Jerome from criticism, but now Jerome faced the vengeance of the enemies he made” (Ward 32). Both prominent pagans who resented his promotion of the faith and fellow Christians who lacked his wit attacked him with vicious rumors. Among the rumors were accusations that he was behaving inappropriately with the woman we now know as Paula. At that time, she was one of his students in
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