Biography Of Vasco Da Gama

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We chose Vasco da Gama because, we really liked what he did and what he reached, it was very impressive what he did and it took him so long to go around Africa and his life was so interesting.

Vasco da Gama was a explorer and he was born in 1469, in Sines, Portugal. He was Portuguese. He came from a Portuguese family and his father was a soldier who attended the Portuguese court. Vasco da Gama was educated pretty well . So he had been taught astronomy,some languages geometry, math and physics. He had one daughter and six sons and . His second son became governor of Portuguese India. Da Gama was famous for discovering an oceanic route from Portugal to the East that was believed to be impossible. In total he has carried out 3 expeditions (Voyages) in total. His navigation skills helped him to achieve a lot. He died on The 23rd of December, 1524 in Kochi, India.(We couldn’t find the date when he was born)

What nation did Vasco da Gama sail for? Who financed his voyages?
He tried and succeeded to find a sailing route to the south east of Asia. He was the first person to sail from Europe around Africa to the South east of Asia. But maybe he would never find that route if the King of Portugal didn’t gave him a fleet of ships and told him to find a trade route around Africa to the south east of India. He also had to find any other trading opportunities along the way.
His voyages were financed by Manuel | The King of Portugal but the King but he
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