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The Great Sphinx Of Giza Name : Abdullah Ahmed Jillani Introduction : The Limestone Statue of Loin's Body And Human Face (Head) is called "The Great Sphinx of Giza". The Great Sphinx lies on the Giza Plateau on the West Bank of Nile River in Giza,Egypt. It Include in the 7 Wonder of World. The Face also believe to be the Face of Pharaoh Khafre The One Meter wide Nose on the Face of Statue is missing. The Sphinx was built in between 2550-2500 BCE by the pharaoh Khafre (4th king of Fourth dynasty).The body is 72.55 meters in length and 20.22 meters tall. The Sphinx is thought to be primarily a guardian figure, protecting the tomb of the Khafre by warding off evil spirits. Arabs know the Sphinx of Giza by the name of Abu-al-Hawl, or "Father of Terror."The Sphinx's face was mainly damaged during French occupation around 1800, when Mameluke troops used it for target practice for their field cannons, but its body has been weathered by the elements for thousands of years.The material of the Sphinx is the limestone bedrock of what geologists call the Muqqatam Formation,the Sphinx is one of…show more content…
Investigations by Florida State University, Waseda University in Japan, and Boston University, have located various anomalies in the area around the monument, although these could be natural features. In 1995, workers renovating a nearby parking lot uncovered a series of tunnels and pathways, two of which plunge further underground close to the Sphinx. Robert Bauval believes these are contemporaneous with the Sphinx itself. Between 1991 and 1993, while examining evidence for erosion at the monument using a seismograph, Anthony West’s team found evidence of anomalies in the form of hollow, regularly shaped spaces or chambers, a few metres below the ground, between the paws and at either side of the Sphinx. No further examination has been
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