Walter Elias Disney: Determined Creator

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Aubrey Myers
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13 February 2018
Walter Elias Disney: Determined Creator
“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work” ( Colin Powell, a U.S general, Statesman, and the first African American to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State knew from experience that a dream takes work. Walter Disney may have created the happiest and most magical place on earth, but he did not do this overnight. It took him years of hard work and determination to make his dream become a reality and this is what Colin Powell expresses in his quote. Walter Disney, creator of The Walt Disney Company, is admirable not only because he was a creative genius,
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He had many different jobs before that. Walter Disney joined the American red cross when he was seventeen years old where he served as an ambulance driver in France(Elias par. 14). Later in his life, Walter Disney started Laugh-O-Gram. So in order to have more time for Laugh-O-Gram, Walter Elias quit his job (Elias par. 5). Sadly in 1922, Laugh-O-Gram went bankrupt so Walter Disney moved to Hollywood California (Elias par. 6). Every single one of these jobs helped shape Walter Disney into the determined hard worker that he became and that made him…show more content…
He passed away due to lung cancer (Walter par. 8). Walter Disney had gone into surgery for back pain relief just one month before in November of 1966. During his surgery, the doctors found a malignant tumor in his lung. Disney was told that he only had months to live. He did not stay home and wait for death like most people would after getting that news. Disney continued to work. Walter Disney’s last project was in the movie The Jungle Book which was released a year after his death (Elias par. 13). Disney’s later years were yet another part of his life that is very admirable. He was a very hard worker because he was working even into his sixties and that is usually when people decide to retire. This shows that he was very determined to see his company continue to grow. Also, that shows that he never gave

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