Biohazardous Waste Essay

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What exactly is biohazardous waste? Well it refers to materials that are biological and can stand as a threat to health. This can also be known as infectious waste or biomedical waste. There are various examples of biohazardous wastes, one most common is, those coming from animals, or animal waste; carcasses and body parts, or any bedding material used by animals that are infected with pathogenic organisms. This waste is classified by four differents levels, level one is the negligible threat to humans, level two is a critical virus in humans (transmitted through direct level four is when those pathogens stand as a huge danger to diseases that follow with no contact with materials that are infected), level three is when pathogens cause diseases,…show more content…
As mentioned previously, biohazardous wastes can cause critical viruses in humans or diseases. Without things being done properly, missing the simplest step, could be more than dangerous. Just as the possibility of bacterial growth, affects more than just those in the room of the lab. Exposure to unwanted chemicals is a major risk, and keeping up with the guidelines is more than important. To have the best outcome, without minor mistakes, and no chance of health risks, following a safety checklist can be helpful. Here is a common checklist to follow for a keen dissection procedure in the classroom: 1. Walk into the room prepared. 2. Wash hands, place latex gloves on. 3. Then grab protective eye goggles, place those on as well. 3. Look at directions. 4. Be sure that all materials and tools are present. 5. Act on the procedure, follow step by step given. 6. Pay close attention to all things occurring. 7. Report any incidents to the instructor. 8. Once the procedure is finished, be sure to clean things, and dispose of them properly. 9. Sanitize yourself along with the tools (if reuseable). 10. Do a double check over the area, help those around

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