Causes Of Biological Hazards

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Biohazards present many professionals with complex health challenges. Most of these biohazards result from workplace exposure to organisms, or substances produced by organisms, that threaten human health. . Biological hazards are common in work places where workers come in contact with a broad range of diseases; work place like health care facilities, animal farms, game rangers and veterinarians are at greater risk for infections originating from the biohazards. Workers in these places are exposed to pathogens which may be spread by direct contact like droplet, airborne, faecal oral or blood borne transmission. However professionals like
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These biohazards mostly affect workers in the categories of people who work in health and community care facilities; those who are working with agricultural organisation where they are exposed to irritating chemicals, plants and animals which may inflict a disease one eats or when come in contact with certain plants, plant materials which may cause non-infectious poisoning, stinging, allergic reactions like mushroom and those who are working in food serving organisations who may be exposed to food-borne infections. Biohazards may be controlled by using biohazard engineering, administrative controls and through the use of personal protective equipment.

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