Two Main Causes Of Eutrophication

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Register to read the introduction…Increasing the amount of nutrients, rise alga and the number of microorganisms; up in water body. More aquatic plants growing need more oxygen and it will continue until oxygen depletion or phosphorus limitation. If oxygen finishes the whole system convert to non-oxygen based system. Discoloration, odor, and fish kill follow by oxygen depletion. In fact alga sinks to the bottom of pond after they die. These dead algae as organic matter; will be converted by microorganisms and bacteria’s to inorganic form and this process uses oxygen (Bundy, 2006).…show more content…
However this phenomena (Eutrophication) water becomes cloudy and normally shade green color and this water clarity decreasing reduce the amount of absorbed light for alga. In addition microorganisms and bacteria’s decompose dead alga and other planets and consume remained oxygen in the ponds and lakes. Eutrophication slowly limits various usages of lakes or ponds such as recreation, fishing, and even public health problems in case of influence to drinking water.

There are two main type of eutrophication which are natural eutrophication and cultural eutrophication. Naturally nutrients loading during long time cause alga blooming, and natural eutrophication during decades. But various industrial, agricultural human activities accelerate nutrient loading in the lakes, and ponds, and excessive alga and plant growth lead to faster eutrophication during shorter time sometime few years depend to the watershed characteristics and nutrient loading rate (Bundy,

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