Global Population Ageing Report

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Over the recent years, society has been experiencing an increasing number of old aged population worldwide (World Population Ageing, 2013). This phenomenon has attracted the attention of the local and international community to take rapid actions to meet the necessary requirements of the ageing. The definition of ageing varies from author to author where one of them has defined ageing as the physical and mental changes that individuals undergoes as they grow old. Aiken (1995), for example has outlined the notion of ageing from a different point of view which comprises of the biological and chronological perspectives. The biological perspectives emphasizes on the relative changes that takes place in the skin, hair colour, strength
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(ref) As a result, women were ensuring that old persons are provided with adequate foods and medications to maintain an appropriate physical health status. Additionally, women were also showing concern in maintaining a stable mental health status of old person by providing adequate psychological support which can contribute towards successful ageing. In this modern era, the evolution of globalisation has brought many changes in people’s lives which are both in the form of blessing and curse. Globalisation has provided several opportunities for women to develop their working skills by participating in the labour market. This opportunity has improved the household budget and enhanced the standard of living of families. Moreover, the country’s economical stability has also been…show more content…
Specific Objectives:
• To identify and assess the formal social protection in Mauritius for old age persons.
• To analyse if the social protection are effectively reaching the target groups.
• The effectiveness of informal social protection than the formal social protection.

Justification of the Study
Mauritius has been experiencing large number of ageing population since past years which has been proved by the census report. The 2002 census report pointed out some statistical figures on ageing for the year 1962 which was 37,600 and 107,500 for 2000. Moreover, the population projections have also deduced that the ageing population will triple by 2040. In 1959, Prof Titmus was invited to present his views on how to manage a healthy ageing society in Mauritius. After having studied the changing trends of the ageing populations he proposed the introduction of social services which will contribute for the welfare of the elderly and hence the country’s economic stability will be maintained. Even though social services were provided to the elderly, they were still found to be victims of isolation, depression and disability. Consequently, there is a need to inquire if these social services are effectively reaching the target group. Additionally, this issue should also be highlighted from the social work perspective where the psychosocial needs of elderly should be also be taken into

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