Biological Approach In Psychology

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Psychology is the science which studies about human thinking patterns and behaviors. Psychology has its different approaches where biological approach stands as one of the oldest divisions psychology had. Biological model is one of the main model in psychology also it has being spreading very widely through the frame of psychology and it has now absorbed all the approaches and the biological module is offering explanation to almost all the human behavior. But the real problem occurs when biological approach tries to offer explanation to the abnormal behavior human have because there are many explanation against the biological explanation to the abnormal behavior people had.
Biological approach, offers many explanations how the nervous system,
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The communication among neurons is quick and detailed and the other endocrine system is the slower but it is more widespread and the endocrine systems communication with the body and the behavior has long lasting effects.
The biological approach also approaches the gender effects as a cause for human behavior. Psychologist Doreen Kimura and Elizabeth Hampton (1994) report is evidence where biological approach has explain human behavior with the of the gender factor. The experiments done by the above psychologists sated that the performance of women and men are different to levels of hormones, they have in their body. The experiment woman has performed better than men on tests on verbal ability while the men have performed better than women on tests on imaging three dimension objects are rotating.
And all their performances are based on the levels of estrogen and the levels of testosterone levels that they have in their body. (Collins & Kimura, 1997 & Kimura
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The psychologists have being arguing about this topic from a long time yet they have failed to come to a conclusion.
Mainly there are some human behaviors which could not be explained by using the brain activities, the nerve system or using neuron transmitter.
In other words there are many human behaviors that could not be explained by biological factors and processes. Those human behaviors are called the abnormal behaviors human have.
Over the years the psychologists have stated many defining criteria for abnormal behaviors. And the criteria the psychologists and researchers have named, they mainly capture number of important features of the abnormal behavior but not every feature nor the every reason why human suffer from a certain behavior.
The criteria are;
Statistical Deviance:-
According to the statistical deviance if any behavior is abnormal it will occur infrequently in a number of people. These abnormal behaviors are shown and occur in population.
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