Biological Aspects Of Addiction Counseling

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healthcare providers, including probation officers, family members, and court systems. Interviews must be conducted so that treatment plans can be established to suit the needs of their patients, and must be based on their mental and physical condition or conditions. His or her history, and research must be done through the counselor’s experience of finding the appropriate form of treatment for each patient. Paperwork is an essential part of an addiction counselor’s job, since many patients are legally bound to recovery, and counselors must provide legal documents that the court requires during legal proceedings. Counselors must always create, update, and maintain each patient’s records daily. Those seeking to work in addiction counseling need…show more content…
Counselors must be capable to work independently, and in a team setting. Aspects of Addiction Counseling Addiction is based relatively on theories and research, so theoretical and experiential learning is a necessity. Biological aspects focuses on the genetics, and environments that play a role in determining who is more susceptible to addiction. This includes “gender, ethnicity, and social class” ("Biological Causes for Addiction…show more content…
Addiction is a complicated illness that leads to a complicated disease, which in return is hard to treat. This is why this specialization is different and more complex than other specializations. It also affects every aspect of the individual’s life, body, and mind. The physical and psychological aspects of addiction and counseling involves the fact that every addiction is different and no two addictions are alike. This is why so many factors such as the physical and psychological are important aspects to a successful recovery plan. Many believe addiction is related to “personal weakness, or character” ("Physical and Psychological Aspects of Addiction | Addiction Treatment Therapy," 2015). Many believe it’s due to reckless lifestyle, and behavior, or just plain lack of discipline. Well, this is not true. Addiction is a disease of the mind and body. Our brain function is “controlled” by our chemical and electrical impulses, which controls our “emotions”, memory, anxiety, “impulse control”, love, etc. ("Physical and Psychological Aspects of Addiction | Addiction Treatment Therapy," 2015). Substance and
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