Causes Of Alcoholism

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Essay 3-Research Paper

What causes alcoholism?

Chris (Fan Chenxi)
UCD Section 1
International College Beijing
May 24, 2017

What causes alcoholism?
Nowadays, wine is popular and usually served on dinner parties. Many young adults would like to enjoy their nights at bars, cheering glasses of Tequila with friends. Some drinkers can control themselves and avoid drunk behaviors, but numerous people are addicted to alcohol and drink immoderately. About 10 to 15 million Americans get problems of alcoholism directly and nearly 35 million drinkers are indirectly influenced indirectly (Saxe, 1983). Alcoholism can result in serious problems such as drunk driving. In America, 10,076 people were killed in drunk driving crashes in
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Because of the biological facts of the alcoholism forming, some people probably believe that gene is the only thing to determine alcoholism forming and someone is born to be a drunkard. However, this opinion is not so convincing since even people are born with specific gene, they are also required to drink wine repeatedly and be addicted to alcohol in order to develop alcoholism. Therefore, the cause of alcoholism should also include nurture aspects, such as the psychological pressure or desire. The psychological causes of alcoholism mainly include the family influence and the cognition of oneself. First, the family influence is likely to be one psychological cause for alcoholism. An experiment is held by a research team to identify three subtypes of alcoholism risk: one with family alcoholism but low levels of other psychopathology; one with high levels of family alcoholism, antisocial personality and violence; and one with high levels of family alcoholism but no other depression (Finn, 1997). As a result, the children of the three families have much higher levels of alcohol problems than their peers who have no alcoholism problems in their families. Besides, the offspring from the family with antisocial problems have the highest level of negative affects, such as anxiety, depression, and neuroticism. And another research shows the similar findings that the children whose families show both…show more content…
People born with specific genes can make them better adjust to alcohol, which likely result in alcoholism. Plus, people with negative emotions and personalities like antisocial personality are more likely to get drinking problems. Moreover, the culture and society can also influence people to develop alcoholism. Alcohol addiction can be caused by both natural and nurture reasons, but we can restrict our desire and behaviors to avoid alcoholism and live a healthy
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