Biological Causes Of Depression

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Depression is not something we hear little about. Hearing stories about people struggling with depression has become in many ways part of our norm. Those who struggle with depression face the difficulty of not being able to explain their condition and the difficulty of being properly diagnosed. As much as depression is on the rise, there are still many who are unaware that they have depression and go under the radar. Depression is not just a mental issue. Depression sometimes manifests itself physically. Depression is not just caused by loss or heartbreak. Depression can be caused at times by genetic factors. At its core depression is caused less by one single cause but rather a combination of many factors. It is essential to see depression…show more content…
Although it many times can occur along with other diseases and mental disorders, when it comes to the symptoms, causes, and treatments it is pretty unique. Depression has been so common that it has been no stranger to even historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway, Vincent Van Gogh and many other famous and very talented individuals (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2015). Although society’s awareness and medical knowledge of MDD are both increasing, there is still so much to know and discover. There has been progress that has been made in comprehending the psychosocial and physiological origins of depression. This includes its genetic implications, how it affects the brain’s anatomy, and how it affects mood and personality. Most researchers agree that MDD’s causes and treatments are multi-layered and contain more than one variable. It is clear that one diagnostic test or a single treatment for the condition will not be found. As there is more exposure and research done, those who are diagnosed with depression will have more hope. Having more research will aide providers in knowing to how care for all the diverse ways that MDD manifests itself in people and how the symptoms can vary from person to…show more content…
The symptoms of MDD are very important to notice and are considered severe. The level of severity is to due to the fact that MDD interferes with every day activities like eating, working, sleeping and participating in things that were once considered fun or once a cause of joy and pleasure. The specific signs and symptoms include persistent sadness, feeling anxious, empty feelings, feelings of hopelessness, feelings of guilt, worthlessness,fatigue, over eating, appetite loss, thoughts of suicide, and somatic pains such as aches, pains, headaches, craps etc. that do not ease with normal treatment (National Institute of Mental Health, 2015). Five or more of these symptoms must be present during the two week period and include a depressed mood or the loss of interest on something that used to be a cause of pleasure. Along with physical effects there are also social effects to depression. People with depression prevent themselves from initiating a close personal relationship, stop from applying to get jobs and from applying for education or training (Lasalvia et al., 2013). Ironically the loss of close, relationships and pursuing important things could relieve the depression. The very things that people avoid during depression are the things that would cure
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