Biological Characteristics Of My Family

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At the very young age I was adopted, and lost all contact with my biological family. Because of this, I don’t know what biological similarities I share with my family, or how much of who I am is based off the environment I grew up in. However, I have been blessed with two beautiful daughters with my husband of 10 years. My daughters share the same mother and father, was raised in the same environment, and are just under two years apart. My daughters share a lot of similarities, but also show to be two very different young girls. Some of the traits my daughters share are physical. They both share similar biological traits from myself and my husband. For example, they both have his nose, ears, chin, height, and hair texture. While they also share my smile, eyes, and skin tone. The traits that they share from the both of us are biological, and are shown to be dominant traits, due to the fact that they both possess these traits. Besides physical, another trait my daughters share are their level of sensitivity. They both are extremely sensitive, and show a very strong level of emotional intelligence. Both of my daughters are able to clearly state how they feel and understand what caused those feelings. The traits shared I believe to be biologically based, are the physical and their level of sensitivity. I believe that the ability to express and understand their emotions, is based on the environment they are being raised. They are in an environment were they can be expressive,

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