Biological Chelation Therapy Research Paper

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Biological chelation therapy - The process which involve the use of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the source. Objectives The aim of this article is to know and learn about the importance of using of biological chelation therapy agents. This article is also allowing people to know what exactly biological chelation therapy agents are and how they can be used to improve our life. As it gives people the importance, it also let people to be aware about side effects of biological chelation therapy agents. This article also tells people about the background of biological chelation therapy agents in such way that where they come from or where they are produced and if they suitable to be used by human beings. Background The name chelation comes from the Greek word ‘’chelos’’ used for claw. Chelation therapy involves cat ion and anion incorporation into a ring structure which is complex by chelating agent. On the chelating molecules, the electron donor is typically included oxygen, nitrogen,…show more content…
It has been noticed that it has a specific medical treatment in such a way it will treat that type of infection or dieses. Chelation therapy is normally used to treat metal poisoning. These metal poisoning include lead, acute mercury, iron, arsenic, uranium, plutonium and other forms of poisoning metal. Depending on the type of the poison and the type of agent, biological chelation therapy agents will be administered or injected either intramuscularly or intravenously. Each and every time testing urine for metals one must make sure that she/he tests it before injection or administration of any chelation therapy agent. Those individuals that have metal amounts which are normal in their bodies will be removed by chelation therapy and that will result to non-reliable chelation therapy for diagnosis of poisoning

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