Environmental Benefits Of Biodiversity

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Biological diversity is a resource upon which the whole human race extremely depends on, it is the building block of existence. The food chain revolves around it and all our basic necessities are obtained from it. For example we get food, water, medicines, cotton, paper and an uncountable number of things are obtained from biodiversity. Wood is obtained from trees and without wood many of the inventions would cease to exist today. Without it we are in complete and utter loss. It is basically the fundamental of life. Biodiversity is slowly slipping away from our hands and we do not even realize it. Every small mistake we do and not realize could end up to the destruction of mother earth. The rapid loss of species we are seeing
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We do it for our needs but little do we realize that one day it’s all going to come crashing down for us because of our imbecile mistakes. We must learn to preserve the environment we have today for the future generations to come without compromising the needs of our current population, in simple words it’s called learning to sustain what is left of biodiversity. But we in many ways harm the environment for our gain. We cut down trees, which is known as deforestation. We do this for many reasons ranging from getting more accommodation space to making furniture or obtaining medicines. Even if these reasons are legitimate we should minimize cutting trees as much as we can. We also hunt down animals just for the thrill of it or for acquiring expensive ornaments. We hunt down rare African elephants and kill these vulnerable species just for getting their worthy tusks. These are petty reasons and we do not necessarily need elephant tusks. It may be a symbol of decoration for us but it costs the life for someone else. Is it really worth it? Isit’s not only the matter of elephants here but it applies for many other species too. Obviously if we keep hunting these animals and plants for petty reason they are going to become endangered and in some serious…show more content…
According to the UN’s 3rd local biodiversity outlook the rate of biodiversity loss has not been decreased as the pressures on biodiversity are persistent, even intensifying. The pressures range from habitat loss and over exploitation and unsustainable use to excessive nutrient loads and other forms of pollution. Also the climatic pattern and its sudden changes in different regions can be a contributing factor. Paying no heed to all the pleas of these species we still go about with our acts of destruction. Like these hawksbill turtles, at one point of time these species were common but they were hunted widely all over the world for their precious shell which was used for making jewelry and other accessories. However some people may disagree and here are the points that we humans are doing to save what we have The IUCN has been doing a controlled monitoring too access the conservation of species, varieties, sub species and many such in a global scale. The world environmental situation is predicted to worsen with the rapid rates of large scale global extinction of species. There has been many pledges and treaties signed by several countries to try reduce the rates of extinction of species throughout the years. The most successful one is the endangered species act of 1973. Its main motive was to protect the critically endangered species and also to halt and

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