Biological Explanations Of Depression Essay

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Task 1 Mental Disorders= is whereby an individual has a mental condition which leads to impairment of the mind and the functioning of that person. This can have an effect on the person’s emotion and personality. Depression Depression is an illness which involves the body, thoughts and mood; this can have an effect on normal functioning daily. There are emotional, motivational, cognitive and physical symptoms which are linked in with depression. There are two types of explanations of depression one is biological and the other is psychological. Biological Explanations of Depression The biological explanations of depression refers to two factors one being neurotransmitter dysfunction and the other being inherited genes. The biological approach towards the neurotransmitter would explain how depression is associated with low levels of serotonin within the brain which would affect the functioning of the brain. This is associated with maladaptive behavior e.g. anger, mood disorder and anxiety. In terms of inherited genes the biological approach…show more content…
Then it has a Believing event - because you have tidied up your room you won the game. Thirdly a Consequence event - an individual has done these routines every sport game and won every match; in which leads to a rational thinking. However, once this Activating event is done prior a game, it may be the day that fate is not on your side in which the sports game is lost. Hence, why an individual would blame themselves saying “because I did not tidy up my room this morning I lost the game for my team mates. It is my entire fault." This will eventually lead to an irrational thinking. In addition to this, Becks (1967) cognitive triad states that an individual blames others, the world and then eventually

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