Biological Model Of Mental Health Essay

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There are different models to mental health offering a different explanations, approaches and interventions.
The Diseased/Medical/Biological model has the belief that mental abnormalities are caused by biochemical, physiological or genetic causes, and therefore, treatment is through medical procedures such as drug therapy, ECT or brain surgery. Genetics studiessuggest that mental health problems are inherited from parents and there is evidence to support this. Neuroimaging states that structural changes in the brain can cause mental illness. In various mental illnesses, volumetric changes, reduction in cortical volume and ventricular atrophy can be seen in the brain and this may well contribute to the cause of the problem. Neurobiology believes that the human is an organism with natural functions designed by nature and mental illness is a
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They put forward that changes in the brain chemistry may not be the cause of the mental illness but the effects the mental illness has had on the brain itself. Studies show that stress can affect brain chemistry.
The model also does not take into account the individuals personal experiences or recognise the context of the person’s life in relation to gender culture or race. If a person is withdrawn they may not give a lot of information about their issues, this can sometime give the psychiatrist power over the patient to find an efficient and quick therapy that may or may not be the best one, or even an incorrect diagnosis. The patient is not usually actively involved in their own recovery, more of a passive receiver of repairs.
Good effective mental health care requires a diagnosis, treatment and the need to include cultural changes, lifestyle, routines, coping strategies, some of which may need to alter before improvement can be

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